Laredo Matachines as requested

With all this talk about the Matachin, by coincidence I heard them walking through the downtown area today. The San Vicente de Paul Matachines were honoring the Virgen Guadalupana at Navarro Parking lot (I always wondered if people lived in the parking lot – that is another story, though).

The video is a little long but I have to admire how much longer they actually performed the religious dance. Not only did they dance for a straight 20 minutes (youtube only allows a max of 10 minute videos) but a while later, I heard them start again. Wow.

After this first dance, I walked over to chat with them a bit. For my English-only readers, this is my mas o menos of what I learned:

I learned more about their participation with the Silver Rose travel tradition (a rose that travels from Mexico to the US to Canada and back to its origin in la Catedral in Mexico City) that I had caught the other day as it passed through Laredo on December 11th. I learned that this particular group has been active for 15 years. I learned that they dance wherever they are asked to in the month of December to honor la Virgen de Guadalupe. And I learned of how welcoming the small community is – not only was I invited to join them for food and a chair but everyone who passed by got an invitation. I was tempted to stay but… I am not really catholic and I was in my chanclas y toda tirada. Check out the short interview:


  1. MaryHelen says

    They are such a great cultural icon! Great that you caught them on tape, although some of the members looked uncomfortable about it as you were interviewing them. They were obviously trying to hide their faces. 😉

  2. ___Mocteczuma says

    ___Matlachines !!! san vicente dancers are the best in town, they beat the “calzones” off the ones from La Ladrillera . . .