Los Dos Laredos Inside Out Project: Somos Hermanos

Let’s do it! Well, that is what I said when I signed on to help bring the Inside Out Project to this area. So today, Saturday, October 13th, will be our first photo shoot of random people at the SIFE Bazaar at the French Quarter on DelMar – of course, here in Laredo.

The Inside Out project is taking place all across the world. Each project creates a video of their process. This one is from Spain. Check it out:

In choosing a theme, we thought of the sad divide of the Laredos. For so many generations, it was such a give and take and families had relatives living on one side or the other – sometimes living on both sides of the geopolitical boundary and crossing daily. So we chose Somos Hermanos, because we are two countries but share familial ties.

We have had a bit of a challenge when we describe the project to others. The first thing we keep being told is to seek big money or that so-and-so can help if their name is put on it. Uhm, no thank you. As a matter of fact, street artist JR, originator of this project who won the TED Prize in 2011 and used his prize money to make this idea go global, is often heard saying “no credit, no logos, no sponsoring” – ha, that sounds like most of my projects :P. To keep its grassroots grassy, we are asking for a $30 donation to help defray the costs and because this is a community project, it will be funded by the people participating.

Check out the video of JR one year after he was awarded the TED prize:

Big ups to our volunteer professional photographers Jesus Garcia and Ari Farias and video support Jennifer Sanchez and many others who are providing tech support and more importantly – moral support. “Like” our page on Facebook to watch other videos and follow the progress of the project. Our target for the first work day will be in January 2013 so if you are so inclined, let us know if you want to help. Hope to see you at one of the photo shoots!


  1. Anonymous says

    This is great! Best wishes for a fruitful and productive day. Sorry I will miss this one, but look forward to being a part in the future.