“Mad Like the Devil” movie features local everything!

My timing is really off.  I recently saw “Mad Like the Devil” at Gallery 201 in its 2nd Laredo screening.  August 14, 2015 is the 3rd screening, also taking place at Gallery 201, 513 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo, TX, at 7pm.  What you need to know:

11222837_10207514680723755_3823705816733874316_o1) Local talent WITH super talent!
2) Locally shot
3) Locally shown – thanks Gallery 201!!
4) Young people with real determination and get-go did it
5) It’s a Western
6) Lots of sweat, tears & thought went into it for about 2 years
7) Makes you wish you had their determination and imagination
8) It’s bloody, with profanity, and shockingly – does not contain strong Laredo accents & a few unusual ones are intentionally thrown in… hmm…
9) Unexpected twists
10) If you don’t go to this one, you definitely should go to the next or consider hosting and supporting local Laredo efforts