Reading the news from outside the U.S.A. is always interesting

This story was posted by the BBC today. I don’t have an opinion one way or another but what I do know is that I have not read anything about it in US news. We will give ourselves the benefit of the doubt and say that it is too new for it to have reached our eyes. May he rest in peace.

US denies killing Iran scientist

The US has dismissed allegations by Iran that American and Israeli agents were responsible for the killing of a physics professor in Tehran.

The US State Department described the accusation as “absurd”.

Physicist Massoud Ali Mohammadi died in a bomb blast on Tuesday, Iranian media reported, describing him as a nuclear scientist and a government supporter.

But later reports suggested he was not involved in Iran’s nuclear programme and had signed an opposition petition.

Mr Ali Mohammadi, 50, was killed by a remote-controlled bomb near his home.


Iranian TV quoted security officials at the scene as saying the equipment and system of the bomb used in the attack had been related to a number of foreign intelligence agencies, particularly Israel’s Mossad.

Jon Leyne, BBC Tehran correspondent The original story seemed straightforward. According to Iranian media, Masoud Ali Mohammadi was a nuclear scientist, assassinated by counter-revolutionaries, Zionists and agents of the “global arrogance”.

The implication was clear – it was a Western plot to sabotage Iran’s nuclear programme. But as so often in Iran, there was more to it.

According to British academics, Mr Mohammadi is an expert in another branch of physics, and highly unlikely to be involved in nuclear research.

At the same time, the reformist movement issued what it said was evidence that Mr Mohammadi supported their presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi in last year’s election.

It all added to suspicions created by the unusually prompt and thorough coverage of his death in the Iranian media.

Whatever actually happened, the opposition will certainly fear this killing will be used as an opportunity for a new crackdown.

Another report said Mr Mohammadi had been “martyred this morning in a terrorist act by anti-revolutionary and arrogant powers’ elements” – an apparent reference to Western countries.

An Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said that “signs of the triangle of wickedness by the Zionist regime, America and their hired agents, are visible in the terrorist act”.

Reports also described Mr Mohammadi as a nuclear physicist, but it later appeared that his field of study was quantum theory.

There was also confusion as to whether the attack had any political overtones.

One university official said Mr Mohammadi was not a political figure. But other reports said his name appeared on a list of academics backing opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi before the 2009 presidential election.

Tensions have been high in Iran since the disputed election led to mass protests against the government.

The BBC’s Tehran correspondent Jon Leyne, who is in London, says the opposition will fear that the blast will be used against it as part of a crackdown, our correspondent adds.

No group has said it carried out the attack.

There has been much controversy over Iran’s nuclear activities.

Tehran says its nuclear programme is for peaceful energy purposes, but the US and other Western nations suspect it of seeking to build nuclear weapons.

Bill White, governatorial candidate, in Laredo

He was on the Jay St. John morning show but if you missed it this morning…

Bill White Democratic Candidate for Texas Governor meet and greet today at 6 pm at Mesa 5 – 7128 Rosson Rd. Suite 12B

Virtual Fence? What virtual fence along the border??

This CBS 60 Minutes story that aired January 10, 2010 is sad to watch, especially considering the billion+ dollars that was spent WITHOUT asking Border Patrol how it would work in reality. Shame on Boeing for only wasting time and money!

Watching The Border

January 10, 2010 5:00 PM
Steve Kroft reports on the status of the multi-billion-dollar “virtual fence” being built at the U.S.-Mexican border, which is behind schedule and so far covers only about one percent of the border.

Celebrities continue to die on a New Zealand cliff…

Ever wonder why so many so-called celebrities have the same death? It’s all due to a website that can generate the famous story that still seems new to a few people who pick it up and start forwarding & posting. So I was wondering what would happen if I put our, ahem… wonderful Laredo mayor’s name on the Fake A Wish website.

Here you go: Mayor Raul Salinas falls off a cliff in New Zealand!

Run, women, RUN!

At the last Laredo Women’s Hall of Fame ceremony, I heard one woman say “I appreciate the city’s honor, but I wish it would not have come from an all-male city council. Where are our women city leaders?” or something like that.

The Laredo Sun reports that more than our of 34 candidates for the March elections, 11 are women. I am crossing my fingers that someday the Laredo city council will reflect our population and that 50% of candidates will be women. Let’s just see when that someday comes.

From the Laredo Sun – Company not going to charge for collecting traffic fines…hmmm…

Sunday, January 10, 2010

LAREDO, Tx.- The contract that will be signed with a company responsible of recovering traffic fine debts will not cost taxpayers anything in Laredo, and in turn can help maintain millions of dollars in revenue.

Attorney Jesús Domínguez, legal representative of this city for Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson, said that the benefits of this contract will turn out to be a helpful service for the community.

” With the recuperation of these debts the municipal government will have more funds to offer the Police Departament, the Fire Departament and also to hire more personnel at Municipal Court,” Domínguez added.

This past Monday, the council voted 7 to 1 in order to start their negociations with this company, whose job is to recover most of the 88 million dollars worth of depth.

” Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson have offices stationed in Austin and a regional office in Corpus Christi,” Domínguez said.

The attorney added that he has had professional contact with this company for the past 9 months and he has considered them to be the most adequate company for the job because they have the most recent electronic program, the personnel required and the ability to perform.

Citizens will not pay one cent for this contract only those in debt with the Municipal Court. They will have to pay an extra 30% to the fine.

Honoring Texas’ larger-than-life roots at the Capitol

Honoring Texas’ larger-than-life roots at the Capitol

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What color is YOUR bra?

This little facebook game was cute – all women were instructed to put their bra color as their status in an effort to bring breast cancer awareness to light. Men could not know why it was just a color. It really wasn’t about awareness other than it reminded you about it.

What was more interesting were the status updates I saw. About… maybe 75% were BLACK and a bulk were lacy black. The 2nd most common was “none”. I only saw ONE woman list white. Now, when you look at the racks at the lingerie department, what is the dominant color you see? That’s right, white.

So how many were just playing the game of “What I want my bra color to be in front of my friends” instead of listing the boring reality. White or skin colored bras rule because they are seen less under clothes and they are just the standard most-available color. So yes, this may have started as a funny way to bring a little reminder about breast cancer but what we really found out is that women still care about their image, even through social media.

It is gonna start getting interesting in Laredo … and the election wars start NOW!

The Laredo Sun has the following article about our new CANDIDATES!!

A total of 36 persons registered to run for the different political positions that will be disputed at the primary elections in Webb County.
Wednesday, January 06, 2010
LAREDO, Tx.- The registration for those who wanted to run for office in Webb County closed with a few surprises.

A total of 36 persons registered to run for the different political positions that will be disputed at the primary elections to be held on March 2 nd , with early voting from February 16 through the 26 th .

The Webb County Judge position will be disputed between the current County Judge, Danny Valdez, and Andy Reyes, Tano Tijerina, and Louis H. Bruni.

The position of Commissioner for Precinct Two will be contended by Rosaura “Wawi” Tijerina and Judith Gutierrez and Jose B. Salinas.

The State Representative Richard Peña Raymond does not have an opponent, thus assuring his re-election.

For County Commissioner for Precinct Number Four will be disputed between Sergio “Keko” Martinez, Jaime Canales, and Juan Chavez. Running for County District Judge for District 111 are Monica Zapata Notzon, Adriana Arce Flores, and Jesus “Chuy” Dominguez.

Alvino Morales does not have an opponent for County Court at Law 1 Judge, and Jesus Garza is also running unopposed for County Court at Law 2 Judge.

Delia Perales will run against José Valdez, who is seeking re-election for County Treasurer.

Sylvia Palumbo, Jackie Ramos, Esther Degollado and Lydia Liendo Parras are all running for District Clerk. While Margie Ramirez Ibarra is seeking re-election as County Clerk, and is opposed by Longino “Lonnie” Garcia.

For Justice of the Peace of Precinct 1, Place 2, is Judge Oscar R. Liendo, who is opposed by Margarito Benavides, who registered at the last minute.

Running for the position of Justice of the Peace of Precinct 2, Place 1, is Ramiro Veliz Jr. who is opposed by Ricardo Urdiales, Daniel Dominguez and Victor Schunior.

Justice of the Peace Ricardo Rangel has no opponents, nor does Judge Alfredo Garcia. Oscar Omar Martinez is seeking reelection as Justice of the Peace of Precinct 4, but he Vicky Cantu as an opponent.

Last but not least, Sergio Mora and Rolando Herrera are both running for Presidents of the Democratic Party in Webb County.

If they started out with colors, why not stick to colors?

Am I black? Am I white? Or am I American Indian? This story on the changes in the US Census race check off boxes just strikes me as ODD. I guess the new category is where most of us Latinos could check unless… we are mestizos and we go back to the interracial issue that a lot of people have. A solution that turns out not to be much of a solution. It will be VERY interesting to see the results of this category at the end of the 2010 census. Interesting indio indeed.