This will some day be my past life: Regressive Hypnosis in Laredo

11729003_10207179400544563_8526623332977743909_oThere is no denying that writers are curious.  I am no exception (except for maybe the writer part – ha!).  I want to know how things work, why they work, what makes something tick – I just want to know.  But I remain a severe skeptic to the annoyance of many of my closest friends.  “TERCA,” me dicen. So when the opportunity to try a session of regressive hypnosis with renown psychologist Ery Cervantes from San Luis Potosi, how could I say “no.”

Regressive healing hypnosis is meant to delve into past lives and address hurts or traumas to better your present life.  That’s a little tough when your life is just dandy and you don’t believe in past lives, future lives, just the one and only one I have right now.  I met with the local organizer to pay my fee but to also do some mini-exercises and short interview.  As usual, I am honest – bluntly honest.  He asked what I expected to get out of my session which is scheduled for Saturday and will be videotaped.  I start out with the usual “I am curious” and then the more serious, “I am a non-believer who lives in the now as a positive being and wants to do good and have been had the best of childhoods and no traumas or healing from anything and loves to watch people progress and be healthy and life is peachy despite challenges which have all been methodically overcome.” Yep, I respond in run-ons.

I waited to be told I wasn’t the right fit for this kind of session but no, he said I was perfect.  Hmmm… I said I expect to be convinced and come back with actual facts and dates and descriptions of places I have never been to.  And because of my love for research, I want to find match to tangible facts & dates & real places.

So tonight, I will attend the public presentation of Ms. Cervantes and other topics that focus on past lives.  Do I believe? No. But many religions believe in reincarnation or soul entities or karma, so I am attempting to go with an open mind.  At the very least, I can say I did it and met some very nice people along the way.

The event for August 13, 2015 is open to the public & is in Spanish but individual hypnosis sessions are by appointment only. Unfortunately, I think she has been booked for some time.  Interesting, interesting.

Prayer in public meetings

I take a mini-break from writing and news and what do I come back to?? City Council actually considering prayer during public city business meetings.

Thank you, city council for considering 1) lengthening your already long meetings, 2) making someone like me feel uncomfortable as others pray because I don’t, 3) creating the sense of insiders vs outsiders if this new tradition is adopted, 4) considering crossing the line of separation of church and state which respects not only those who are a variety of religions but also those who do not believe. City council should be about city business – period. What is up with adding all this extra NON-BUSINESS stuff?

Our system of governance was created to be fair to those who may be in the minority. That doesn’t mean my rights override your rights or vice versa – it means being fair, even, impartial, unbiased, etc, etc. Many fear the repercussions of saying, “I don’t believe what you believe” and just go along with whatever to not rock the boat; but, this move just isn’t respectful for the variety of constituents of the community.

If you saw the link provided above, LaSanbe has a video of the city council meeting where the issue is discussed. Isn’t it telling that they have to do additional research to FIND A LOOPHOLE to make prayer part of meetings??

If you have to keep asking legal for clarification, doesn’t that already tell you that maybe there is something amiss about the suggestion you make??

Occasionally I attend city council meetings for business. I would hope that business is what is discussed. Which leads me to all the congratulations and recognitions… ok, that is an entirely different post. The point is that I have already expressed this concern to Councilman San Miguel in other (in person and online) settings and was surprised this proposal was brought up when there are so many other issues that could fought for and tackled in the precious time the city council has.

My “citizen vote” is to drop the issue, don’t lengthen the meeting, and don’t impose a practice that is not in everyone’s lives and does not give everyone an equal voice.

There, done expressing my feelings on this issue.

LaSanbe’s city council video: