Kelly Janelle shooting for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Photo from the official facebook page of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
A big congratulations to the Sherwood Family on having Kelly Janelle be part of the 2012 Training Camp for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Earlier in the week, the Sherwood family sent out an email asking for your vote and support:

My granddaughter, Kelly Janelle Sherwood has been in the competition to become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. In the past several weeks, she has succeeded in making the “cuts” and this weekend, she is among 54 young women from around the world who will be attempting to make it to the Cowboy Cheerleading Camp.

Information about Kelly:

Kelly graduated with honors from Alexander High School where she was captain of the national champion dance unit, the Dazzlers. She has been dancing since the age of 2 and has been choreographing dance for most of her high school years. She is also been modeling since she was 15 years old. Currently, she is a Laredo Community College Honors Program student where she has a 4.0 GPA. Kelly is the only Laredoan in the competition and is probably the youngest in this competition. I am definitely prejudiced, but I believe that when our community sees our beautiful Kelly, that they will be proud that she is representing not only herself but our city in this difficult competition.

We are asking Laredoans to please support her effort by clicking on the following Facebook page and vote for her

From Facebook, go to The Official Page of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders; Click on 2012 Cheerleading Camp Candidates; Look for Kelly Janelle(hint-she is wearing #9 on her swimsuit); then “like” her and make a positive comment if you would like to send her a message. After you have voted by your “like”, please click share and send it to your friends and family.

These votes do give her an edge in the competition and we hope that our community will support her effort.

Thank you.

Carol & Ed Sherwood

So far so good, she made this past weekend’s cut into the training boot camp. This link takes you to her Facebook page photo so that you can “like” it. You can still help some more, though. Text #24 to 88222 to vote for Kelly Janelle as a finalist.

She has incredible hard-earned dance talent and her grandparents, Ed or Carol, watching over her – so she can’t lose. I am sure she is as brilliant and nice of a person as they are.

Good luck to Kelly Janelle!!

Photo from Facebook, text added by me

LCC Trustees give Border Patrol the “go-ahead” after compromise reached with Environmentalists

Border Patrol representatives ready to discuss road construction with LCC Trustees

The Laredo Community College Board of Trustees met tonight to decide on whether to renew the use of an easement to the U.S. Border Patrol. The plan to expand the road and give Border Patrol access had met some resistance from the Rio Grande International Study Center (RGISC). In summary, the environmentalists stated their position, the Border Patrol stated theirs too and the trustees discussed it for a little bit but… what happened BEFORE the meeting is what made everything tonight a formality. By the looks of it, both sides expressed their plans and concerns and although they could not have it all, they came to a compromise. Someone commented that it really was just a big misunderstanding because Border Patrol can be figuratively seen as the tenant of Laredo Community College, as can the RGISC. Unfortunately, both tenants did not know each others goals and plans. Trustee Ed Sherwood brought up a good point in stating that Border Patrol is not entity renovating and expanding the road, it is the Corps of Engineers that also needs to be addressed. Both sides agreed to open up the lines of communication with the Corps also, to make sure that what they have agreed on is honored.

The vote was a positive one to grant Border Patrol the extension with a small expansion in exchange for re-population of any trees that would be displaced and sensitivity to LCC’s research and student use. Assistant Chief Skero (I think that was his name) of Border Patrol and the Jay Johnson-Castro of the RGISC even shook hands at the compromise reached and vowed to trust that both sides would be fair to each other.

Asst. Chief Skero and Jay Johnson-Castro speak to the LCC Board of Trustees - Mercurio Martinez, Ed Sherwood, Carlos Carranco and President Juan Maldonado

The River Road and the proposed changes for B.P. and R.G.I.S.C.

Border Patrol Agents on Mustangs (Photo from the U.S. Wild Horse and Burro Association)

The Border Patrol wants to build a road along the river bank, the Border Patrol will destroy habitats, the Border Patrol will pave over the Star Fort area… which one of these is true??

I spoke with Mr. Chuck Pritchard of Border Patrol today to ask to be added on to their mailing list. Turns out, they don’t have a mailing list but he was happy to talk to me about the proposed road that is planned. First, he tells me, the decision really lies with whether the Laredo Community College (LCC) trustees will even grant us some leeway to make the road that already exists a bit more travel friendly. They meet today at 6pm at LCC to make some of these decisions.

Mr. Pritchard offered the following information:
* Border Patrol was granted an easement by LCC back in 2000 to use as a road along the riverbank.
* The proposed road will remain gravel and there is no paving that is taking place.
* The proposed road will extend about a mile from the south wall of LCC to near the Jefferson water plant area.
* The level of the road will need to be raised for elevation purposes.
* Just yesterday (day before yesterday?) he met with Jay Johnson Castro, Tom Miller, Pastor… Guerrero (?), and Jim Earhart and made a gentleman’s agreement that if any tree is taken down, another tree will be added
* The easement is 36 feet wide but the change they are requesting is to increase it by 20 feet on either side – and THAT is the sticking point

So later on, I chat with one of the LCC trustees who says “Dr. Earhart and I took a walk along that trail to see what impact a widening might have.” He says that there are few trees along the road now so he thinks there can be a peaceable agreement between the environmentalists and Border Patrol. The proposed road is not going to be paved for faster speed of vehicles, just to make it easier for vehicles to travel the area further. He said that it is in Border Patrol’s better interest to have dirt than anything else because they need to see footprints or other evidence.

All this came about because I was asking why Border Patrol can’t use their horse patrol in the trail area, especially since they plan to increase the stable of horses. I had attended meetings with the Camino Real de Tejas historic association who had expressed a concern for the Star Fort. I had also seen a petition that the RGISC (Rio Grande International Study Center) was developing to prevent Border Patrol from paving a road. I was wondering, is there really such a conflict between sides? Maybe there is and I am just not seeing all of it but it sounds like both sides are willing to compromise. I will find out what happens, though, since the LCC trustee meeting is at 6pm. Stay tuned!