Laredo Little Theatre, Chairs and Flamenco

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Saturday, August 22nd was a night of passion and tradition at the Laredo Little Theatre.  Illeana Gomez, a native Laredoan, was featured in an annual Flamenco show held at the Laredo Little Theatre.  I was curious when my friend invited me go because I was unfamiliar with the tremendous talent.  I had heard the name as part of a small group of recognized Flamenco dancers originating from our border community.  The opening piece, though, was a treat by local lovers of Flamenco – the Altagracia Azios Garcia Castanet Ensemble, composed of local women who play them for the love of musical art that castanets produce.

All I can say is that it was an extraordinary show – every step was punctuated by another “Bravo!”  Dance is not my forte but this show was awesome! A big congratulations to the talented Kayla Lyall, Manuel Gutierrez, Alejandro Pais Iriart, Carlos Menchaca, Jose Cortes and Laredo’s own Illeana Gomez.

That awesomeness was marred only by one little annoyance: the squeaky seats.

The Laredo Little Theater literally is a small-sized theater so no seat is a bad seat to watch whatever magic may be on stage.  Personally, I found the seats comfortable and the squeakiness was not too distracting but as part of the renovation, new seats will be installed.  What our eyes usually miss, though, is the wear and tear of the years of service the seats have provided.  The fun surprise were the gobs of gum accumulated under seats, on the carpet and even walls after seeing decades of theatre goers – gross but a fact of public seating.  The interior renovations will be a welcomed brightening to one of the few non-profits bringing quality plays and performances to Laredo audiences.  Sponsors ($250 Seat Patron) are still being sought for the new seats and an explanation of what will happen to the ones removed follow in the video:

Or you can connect with the Laredo Little Theater at, 956-723-1342,, or

The weekend before the Easter holiday

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with all the events taking place in this area!

Saturday morning is going to be perfect for the Loving Laredo Hikes hosted by RGISC (Rio Grande International Study Center). The organizers tell us that this will be great for “beginner” hikers, meaning that it will not be too hilly, too rough and definitely no lions, tigers and bears :P.

That is not the only active event that is inviting beginners. The PedalHeads group along with Ciclomania are hosting a challenge at the new “Shiloh Trails.”

April 1 at 8:30am

This event is an off road mountain bike race. It will take place at the City Of Laredo Shiloh Trails.

Mens Open………………Cash prizes
Mens Intermediate
Mens Beginner
Womans open
Cost per participant will be……….. $25.00
Kids under 18………………………… $5.00
First 50 participants get a T-shirt
First Race will start at 8am sharp!!

Registration will be at Laredo Ciclo Mania Monday thru Sat 11am to 6:30pm

This is going to be a great event with music and food so bring your family and friends and have then watch the race!!!

Beginners are encouraged to participate at your own pace!!!!!
See you there!!!!!!!


I didn’t get my bike fixed so no HOW am I going to join them??? I might still go out to cheer everyone on and donate for a bikes for kids.

Unless… unless Mr. Jaime Maussan, reknown paranormal journalist dude, attracts UFOs that will interfere with the early morning bike ride and then the other event I had my eye on for this weekend.

I’m going to try to catch the Laredo Little Theater’s production of The Complete Abridged Works of William Shakespeare.

[vodpod id=Video.16300646&w=425&h=350&fv=]

If I end up doing nothing except for what about 99.9% of Laredo does on weekends… the ever so popular carne asada … one thing to watch out for (I know, I know, que mata rollo):

Guess I will just risk it as I watch the beginning of the Easter vacationers from Mexico heading into the U.S. for viewing of our beautiful downtown, ok, maybe not, but definitely for some heavy duty shopping.

One busy weekend #1

Laredo has all kinds of things going on this weekend, whew – kinda hard to keep up with!

Let’s start off on Friday, Saturday & Sunday with the Festival de Teatro Chicano. All the short plays that will be done are all written by local authors and directed and acted by locals, too. Even my fellow blogger, Bordertown Blues, pointed out Laredo’s Chicano influence here and there. It does seem to be a growing force, not like in the days when a MEChA tried to start at TAMIU – those were interesting times.

I had the pleasure of sitting in during one of their dress rehearsals and shot video but unfortunately my time has been a little tight these last couple of days and I can’t post clips right now. Trust me though, they were very funny – I cracked up at the Manila Folder short play by local attorney, Oscar Peña. Not only did he write it, he also acts in it. Before the following week’s showing, I will post up some clips. One play that will not be shown due to the season we are in but is very available for all to read is Meg Guerra’s play. If you check out pages 22 and 23 of LareDOS, you can read it for yourself. Hot, hot, hot!