The December Tamal challenge… how many can you name?

Some of us with Latin American roots already started the annual season of tamales by having more than one tamal on Thanksgiving or made turkey tamales from leftovers… which got me thinking… Every year my Mexican belly gobbles up tamales de frijol (of beans), pollo en salsa verde (chicken in green sauce), puerco (pork), res (beef), chopes (sweet coconut & pineapple ones that my mom loved as a child and still makes for us), rajas de chile (poblano pepper slices), etc., etc. I’ve had them Northern Mexican style, Oaxacan Mexican style, Colombian style, Peruvian and so on.

So what if we decided to actually dedicate the whole month to trying out a new tamal flavor each day? As long as we don’t have to shell out the Williams-Sonoma price ($54 for 3 dozen), I would sooooo do it. Except, it is not on my paleo plan :P.

december tamal challenge

Oh, and by the way, tamal is one single corn dough like tube or square filled with yummy anything and wrapped in a corn husk or banana leaf or other natural wrap depending on the region. Tamales is the plural. Tamale is a word that seems to only exist in the U.S. which is gaining acceptance but is still not the singular of tamales.

So how many different styles and fillings of tamales can you name?

What’s next… Huitlacoche Burger?

In the land of giant flour tacos, known as Mariachis, Laredo (and a big chunk of Texas) is getting a hit of Mexican flavor with the newest additions at fast food chain restaurants. I’ve seen the recently releases new commercials and said “Chori-huh?”

As if Taco Bell were not bad enough in appropriating Mexican food… Jack in the Box has its deep-fried nasty tacos and mini-Churros, McDonalds has burritos, Chick-Fil-A serves the Southwestern Salad with tortilla strips and breakfast burritos, and now the newest commercial for Whataburger is showing us other uses for Mexican favorite, CHORIZO.

If you are up for a hearty 420 calories, try the “Breakfast on a Bun with Chorizo” or for something a little heart[killer]ier, check out the “Taquito with Chorizo & Egg” at a nice 450 calories. Yikes! I am not sure my mom’s huevos con chorizo packed that many calories but Mexican chorizo is pretty much all fat.

I guess it is all in the name of attracting those in the area; and, those in the area are predominantly Mexicanos. Most fast food places even have jalapeños available as a condiment, Chick-Fil-A will give you jalapeño carrots (as I recently found out) for a few cents.

This new Whataburger experiment is only released in certain areas. It is so new that they could not even give it a description in their online menu:

I’ll be waiting for the Huitlacoche hamburger to hit next … that way I can order the SMUTBURGER (the best translation possible – ha!).

We are probably just better laying off the fast food – whether Mexican inspired or not. If you try it, though, let us know what you think of this new chorizo trend at Whataburger.

Side note – I love huitlacoche but have only found it at La Estancia’s sabana de pollo Xochitl. I am sure it is canned but it is sooooo good. Nothing like black corn fungus to make a meal :).