Piñon’s New Book & Visit 

The author of “Patron Democracy” visits Laredo August 12, 2015. For some of you, this will be a short notice but if you are a regular reader, know that you can still catch Fernando Piñon at 6:00pm at the Laredo Public Library’s multipurpose room.  He will be speaking about his latest book, “Searching for America in the Streets of Laredo: the Mexican American Experience in the Anglo American Narrative.”

Que friega nos dan los politicos

Readers, today we have a guest post while I continue to set up shop. How appropriate that this guest post addresses politicians, as we head off to the polls for early voting. May we choose well from the small group of candidates and may they read Mr. Paul Cavazos’ post and consider who they represent.

On his column in the LMT Sun 04/022/012 edition Odie Arambula states “history has been telling us for more than 150 years that Webb County Politics is alive and well.” He further comments that the culture remains just as alive in the 21st Century. I agree with him that the methodology is the same but modernized to cope with, and take advantage of the modern media. The big change in politics occurs on those who won the election.

Modern politicians once get elected they become entrepreneurs and speculators with tax payers’ money and try to compete in the private sector, even though they do this in a very unorthodox manner, it scares potential private investors. These are afraid to face unfair competition with tax payers’ money and remember the old adage “you can’t beat City Hall.”

In the private sector we seek and find the need for a service or a product; we measure the size of the market; evaluate the competition and determine if we can make a profit or not. Not until then we decide to invest or not to invest. Once we determine that it is a “go”; we start applying for licenses and invest in land plant and equipment. We risk our own money.

Our politicians instead, adhere to the Better Mouse Trap Theory. They invest heavily in the biggest traps and expect the mice to come by. When the mice never come, the taxpayers are left “holding the bag.”

We thank God for term limits, but still we are left with a herd of white elephants, a mountain of debt, and a continuance of inefficiently aggressive management.

Paul Cavazos
Laredo, TX

Farouk Shami and Yolanda Salinas?

Farouk Shami's headquarters on DelMar in Laredo, Texas

The gubernatorial race amongst democrats is getting a little ugly as we saw this AP Texas story online, twitter, on facebook, and in LaSanbe.

If you haven’t noticed, Mr. Shami has quite a bit more presence in Laredo than does Bill White… hmm… we wonder why? The story states:

Yolanda Salinas, wife of Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas, introduced Shami on Thursday and said she’s known him more than 20 years. They met when Salinas, a hairdresser, attended a demonstration Shami did in Houston.

There have been other Laredo events where Mr. Shami has a booth, table, literature, etc. so either he has a very busy campaign office on Del Mar, or some supporter out there is making sure his name is everywhere.

VMT School Rocks the Vote

VMT students representing Monica Notzon, Adriana Arce and Chuy Domingues at the Rock the Vote event

The high schools students that go to the Vidal M. Treviño Magnet School will probably be more informed when it comes to voting than the rest of Laredo. It was cool (my opinion) that the students in the picture above were representing the 3 candidates for the 111th District Court in a civic forum – with timed comments and everything. I think they were doing this for all candidates. Here is a photo of the front row of the audience:

The candidates came out to hear the VMT students Rock the Vote

After some musical entertainment and additional comments, students will get a chance to practice voting. Leaves you wondering what convinces a young audience to vote for a particular candidate? The hope is for solid information and issues that are addressed that are important to today’s youth.
The mock voting booths ready for students to practice voting

SOTU 2010 Drinking Games

President Obama is an excellent orator and there is no denying that. I don’t want to get into the politics of his State of the Union (SOTU) address so let me just highlight a quote that is important to me:

“People are out of work. They are hurting. They need our help. Because of the Recovery Act, there are about two million Americans working right now, who would otherwise be unemployed……..It is because of the spirit and resilience of Americans that I have never been more hopeful about America’s future than I am tonight”

But I titled this the State of the Union Drinking Games because … I found several. Here is one site that actually lists a few. It is from about.com so it does tell you where their sources come from. If you are reading this after the SOTU, too bad – no drinking until the next SOTU. Instead, maybe we can play the city of Laredo/Webb County Elections Drinking Game!

1. for every politician who is running and using their childhood barrio nickname = take a drink!

2. for every politician who pays more for a big corplast sign than it takes the South Texas Food Bank to feed a family of 4 for a month = take a drink!

3. for every politician who travels with an entourage no matter where they go = take a drink!

4. for every politician who organizes a political pachanga featuring Tejano music = take a drink!

5. for every politician who visits the Old Old Mercy and Hamilton Hotel downtown senior citizen homes = take a drink!

6. for every politician who has another relative as a politician = take a drink!

7. for every politician who speaks at their own pachanga after a “few drinks” = you too, can take a drink!

8. for every politician who graduated from low-ranked Texas Southern University Law School = take a drink!

9. for every politician who is also considering working for La Posada = take a drink!

10. for every politician who promises change, yet only changes his/her mind while in office = take a drink!

Everyone invited to the Laredo/Webb County elections drinking game!

I do not condone binge drinking or drinking according to this game. I am not responsible for anyone’s alcohol poisoning. Lemonade is highly recommended!

Run, women, RUN!

At the last Laredo Women’s Hall of Fame ceremony, I heard one woman say “I appreciate the city’s honor, but I wish it would not have come from an all-male city council. Where are our women city leaders?” or something like that.

The Laredo Sun reports that more than our of 34 candidates for the March elections, 11 are women. I am crossing my fingers that someday the Laredo city council will reflect our population and that 50% of candidates will be women. Let’s just see when that someday comes.

It is gonna start getting interesting in Laredo … and the election wars start NOW!

The Laredo Sun has the following article about our new CANDIDATES!!

A total of 36 persons registered to run for the different political positions that will be disputed at the primary elections in Webb County.
Wednesday, January 06, 2010
LAREDO, Tx.- The registration for those who wanted to run for office in Webb County closed with a few surprises.

A total of 36 persons registered to run for the different political positions that will be disputed at the primary elections to be held on March 2 nd , with early voting from February 16 through the 26 th .

The Webb County Judge position will be disputed between the current County Judge, Danny Valdez, and Andy Reyes, Tano Tijerina, and Louis H. Bruni.

The position of Commissioner for Precinct Two will be contended by Rosaura “Wawi” Tijerina and Judith Gutierrez and Jose B. Salinas.

The State Representative Richard Peña Raymond does not have an opponent, thus assuring his re-election.

For County Commissioner for Precinct Number Four will be disputed between Sergio “Keko” Martinez, Jaime Canales, and Juan Chavez. Running for County District Judge for District 111 are Monica Zapata Notzon, Adriana Arce Flores, and Jesus “Chuy” Dominguez.

Alvino Morales does not have an opponent for County Court at Law 1 Judge, and Jesus Garza is also running unopposed for County Court at Law 2 Judge.

Delia Perales will run against José Valdez, who is seeking re-election for County Treasurer.

Sylvia Palumbo, Jackie Ramos, Esther Degollado and Lydia Liendo Parras are all running for District Clerk. While Margie Ramirez Ibarra is seeking re-election as County Clerk, and is opposed by Longino “Lonnie” Garcia.

For Justice of the Peace of Precinct 1, Place 2, is Judge Oscar R. Liendo, who is opposed by Margarito Benavides, who registered at the last minute.

Running for the position of Justice of the Peace of Precinct 2, Place 1, is Ramiro Veliz Jr. who is opposed by Ricardo Urdiales, Daniel Dominguez and Victor Schunior.

Justice of the Peace Ricardo Rangel has no opponents, nor does Judge Alfredo Garcia. Oscar Omar Martinez is seeking reelection as Justice of the Peace of Precinct 4, but he Vicky Cantu as an opponent.

Last but not least, Sergio Mora and Rolando Herrera are both running for Presidents of the Democratic Party in Webb County.