Laredo Lache el Tlacuache says… summer year round!


Woke up to a beautiful day in Laredo.  I love Laredo winters.  But it is February 2nd.  Not only is it Dia de la Candelaria (pass on the tamales for me, I am trying to ditch so many carbs), it is also Punxsutawney Phil‘s Day.  In Laredo though, we have Laredo Lache, the weather predicting Tlacuache.

According to one of the legends of the Cora people, “… nos presenta un mito cora en el que el tlacuache roba el fuego para entregarlo al resto del mundo.”  In other words, the Cora believed that the possum (tlacuache in Spanish) stole fire to give it to the rest of the world.  Yup, that’s what happened here.

The legend continues that in his efforts, he got all twisted up and they put him back together wrong which is why he looks all jacked but… back to fire.  Our Laredo Lache el Tlacuache is only putting on his shades today cuz shadow or now shadow, he knows it’s gonna be a scorcher.  Laredo’s summers have been known to sometimes be more than 100 days of above 100 degrees.  So celebrate the winter in shorts as you visit beautiful Laredo.  Loads going on as we begin the prep for the annual WBCA festivities.  Carry on Tlachuaches of the world.Lache el Tlacuache

Carne Asadas, I miss you

I have never been a big carne eater (sorry Texican Cattlewomen) but, hijole, that seems to be the only invitations I get in Laredo, aka carnivore land. Despite the traditional Memorial Day cookouts, I ended up not going to any and even canceling my own. If I had a tiger grill like this one, I could make …. uh, grilled tripitas? or something Tiger-innard-y?

But I bet that is the grill all Laredo bloggers have… what with them almost all having been Martin Tigers. For those non-West-siders, they might want to try zebrafied carnucas.

Whatever animal you choose, enjoy grilling your fajitas or arracheras or veggies for you rare Laredo vegetarians out there. I’ve got a new-to-me grill that El Partner is dying to try out. Maybe it will get tested out at a home screening of Gasland before the Fracking focused Town Hall meeting (link to LaSanbe) June 10th at 6pm at the UTHSC.

I just have to repaint that armadillo to be more tlacuache-like, this is after all Laredo, Texas, tlacuache (possum) haven.

¿Quien huele?

What’s up with La Azteca neighborhood?? Gil’s billboard on Matamoros (before turning into Chihuahua) tells us…

Well, it doesn’t “kind of” smell funky, it really does stink; but it comes and goes. We all know the city is working on moving the water treatment plant right next to La Azteca so… unless Mr. Gil was referring to an actual dead possum (aka, Tlacuache)??

You sometimes get the whiff of deceased tlacuaches in downtown Laredo (I was going to put a picture of the latest dead tlacuache but… our of consideration for the sensitive readers). I hope that by this week, Gil can return to his past message board:

… which applies to my feelings about my downtown hood, possums and all.

Happy Tlacuache Day!

Because his cousin, Phil the groundhog, is buried under feet of white snow, reader Rick asked that Tlaloc el Tlacuache take over his job of foretelling the weather for today.

He came into my yard and said “Wow, that is a long shadow cast from the CAA Webb County scandal… but considering that Mayor Salinas is next to me, I see nothing.” So I guess we have an early Spring!!

Just kidding, this is the choppy video from today’s Groundhog Day ceremonies in Pennsylvania predicting that Spring is right around the corner:

If only Dairy Queen would have offered us a free BLIZZARD coupon for those of us where snow doesn’t fall! What we do get is $30 worth of Border Sporting Goods for $15 through Groupon. See the “another great deal nearby” box on the right – even though we are not nearby the Rio Grande Valley.