Zombie Walkers Make A Difference

Laredo is a buzzzzz… I would love to say it is because of Make A Difference Day but it actually has more to do with ZOMBIES. Combined together, though, zombies can also make a difference!

A collaboration amongst QuickTurtle Productions, St. Peter’s Historic Neighborhood Association, Laredo Paranormal Research Society, Laredo’s Parks and Leisure and volunteers from Girl Scout Troop #91062, Konqueror, The Bender Antiguo Hotel, Totem Strategies and others resulted in a multi-layered event for Make A Difference Day. The Zombie Walk was the 1st Laredo community service event listed on the official Make A Difference Day database.

The concept is simple – show up as a zombie or get to the St. Peter’s area early for help with make-up to look like a zombie. In order to participate, you bring a donations. Anything. Bag of clothes, box of food, furniture, heck – even scrap metal or a simple cash donation. In return, you get your receipt which is your admission ticket to participate in the Zombie Walk.

If you want a little extra, participate in the Laredo Paranormal Research Society’s presentation for $5 at a local residence. But prepare yourself – it’ll be dark, it will be real and it will make your skin crawl.

Don’t care for zombies or collected sounds of the paranormal? Just visit St. Peter’s neighborhood to donate and give a helping hand to the only food pantry for veterans with financial need, Volunteers Serving the Need. The neighbors of St. Peter’s want you to know about Laredo’s early history. Maybe you will even spot one of the green parakeets of Laredo that only live in the downtown area. You might even meet Pete, the parrot. Or everyone’s darling, Russ the Downtown Hound. Russy even offered the following advice on his Facebook page:

I can’t wait for visiting zombies to check out MY part of town. Don’t worry, I may bark but I won’t bite… unlike… certain zombies I know. The best tips from this humble hound of yours:

1) Park in residential St. Peter’s and WALK to the Bender – you will avoid tickets and traffic. Avoid blocking the plaza for those coming to drop off donations – help us make this smooth for everyone.

2) If yo
u want make-up applied, do it EARLY because the 1//2 hour before 6:30pm when it all starts is going to be crunch time.

3) If you prefer to donate at VSTN earlier than 3pm, the thrift store is on Salinas at the TexMex RR lines. They will also give you a tax receipt to use as admission in to the Bender. The SIFE students will be helping them out for Make A Difference Day at the offices, too.

4) The LPRS presentations can only handle a certain size of group at one time every 15 minutes and will be $5 fee. Be patient and be organized and make sure you walk around St. Peter’s neighborhood to check out the homes while you wait.

5) The plaza will not have chairs for the movie. You can bring your own or borrow a blanket from us but please be sure to give it back – they will be given back to VSTN.

6) We plan these events from our hearts but we are not many. If you want to volunteer with transporting donations & clean-up at the end of the night, let us know.

7) You can go to just the zombie walk, just the LPRS ghost tour, just donate, just walk the neighborhood, just to come visit me or… any combination of the above!!

8) Be respectful of our homes and pets, we neighbors want you to know us and Laredo history and hope you come back!

There you go, humans (for today), the rough ruff of tips from me, Russ the downtown hound. “Like” me if you want to know more about what happens downtown or add St. Peter’s Historic Neighborhood Association.

Oh yeah. Talking dogs and zombies… Hope to see you there!